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Eggert J. Magnússon ejm at ccpgames.com
Fri Feb 14 01:44:07 CET 2003

Well, we (at CCP) have mutated Tismer's version of uthread.py a bit, so 
we don't have that running without a special driver.

However, I dug up this bastardized version on my hard drive, it 
was Tismer's first cut at a conversion.  It should work fine,
but as this is my home computer, I don't even know if it
checks for syntax (it uses fancy new function(*args,**kw) syntax, 
and I haven't installed anything above 1.5.2).

It may be that we've removed some of the functionality, I seem to 
recall a synchronizer in there (let's just leave that as an 
excercise for the reader).  Apart from that, the API should work
the same way as it did originally.  

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I was contacted today by somebody wondering about the current
status of microthreads. The day job keeps me too busy these days
to actively participate, but I'd be curious if anybody could
enlighten me. Do they still work? What is the API like these

Will Ware

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