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Aaron Watters aaron at reportlab.com
Tue Feb 18 17:57:35 CET 2003

I think the really key difference is that stackless tasks are actually
in the same operating system thread.  The advantage of this is that
it's a lot simpler to reason about (I hypothesize).  The disadvantage
is that if you have 64 CPU's the tasks are only using one of them
at any given moment.  Other than that I see no big theoretical difference
In particular you can emulate locks, deadlocks shared memory etc.

I don't like pthreads that much :(.  Could be just my fear and ignorance.
   -- Aaron Watters

Konrad Hinsen wrote:

>On Monday 17 February 2003 19:51, Russ Cox wrote:
>>I disagree.  Threading a la Stackless Python is
>>a good solution for putting concurrency into applications.
>>See http://plan9.bell-labs.com/~rsc/thread/ for more
>>arguments to that effect.
>We need more terminology... I was thinking of threads as implemented in the 
>pthread library, with real parallelism, locks, deadlocks, and communication 
>via shared memory. The variant in Stackless Python is very different, based 
>on a system of synchronizing communication. I don't have enough experience 
>with it to have an opinion, but it sure is not the same as OS threads.
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