[Stackless] I need help. baddly.

Stéphane Jolicoeur-Fidelia s.jol at jol-tech.net
Sat Feb 8 01:36:34 CET 2003

Today, this morning I woke up, downloaded and printed doc I found on 
the net about stackless and microthreads. And finally decided to test 
out what i had learned. I did have trouble finding info on the site, 
but no matter i went on the CVS and then proceeded to make it work. the 
install went flawlessly on my iBook. but when I tried to get the 
uthread lib to work it failed, it seems that continuations are not 
there anymore... I did a quick search on the archives and they are 
indeed no more. My question is how do I implement microthreads? and 
with those rumors of 3.0 being imminent will my programs be broken with 
  this version? I am a bit confused on the state of stackless. Please 



PS: why not a newsgroup instead of a mailing list? and a new web site 
would be great and more docs.

NB: Sorry CHristian for those direct emails

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