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Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Sat Jan 25 05:24:17 CET 2003

Neil Harris wrote:

[Me, about distractions by a really weird project]

> That's fantastic!  This is similar to the pioneering LISP-in-LISP native 
> code compiler work which led to the first completely self-hosting LISP 
> systems.

Yes, also to be mentioned is Smalltalk.

You are heartily invited to join the first sprint,
which is February 17-23, in Hildesheim.
The next sprint will probably be before the next
EuroPy congress, as Guido (!) suggested it.

> Good luck with this, and with the Stackless integration.

Thanks! Yes, I need this. I'm currently stuck with
a deep refcount problem. Or better, the decision about
who owns certain objects...
Will solve it on Sunday.

cheers - chris

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