[Stackless] Tasklet/Channels Examples

Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Thu Jan 30 02:12:19 CET 2003

Eric Merritt wrote:
> Hello All,
>   Are there any good examples of tasklet/channel
> usage? I found a very short example in archives of the
> list and there are plenty of examples of stackless
> continuations out there but that doesn't seem to been
> the current methods of doing things. In any case, I
> understand the concept, I have been hacking around
> with Erlang for a few years and its works on what I
> believe are similar concepts but the mechanics of it
> are diffrent. 

Hi Eric,

this list has been quiet for quite some time.
The reason was a major restructuring work for
Stackless 3.0, which is almost ready now.

I am testing and finalizing some stuff and will
do a first release in a couple of days.
The reson for this big version number change is
that Stackless 3.0 combines 20% of 1.0 technology
with the 2.0 approach, enabling the best of both
worlds in one implementation.
Version 3.0 will then last for a long time, with
only minor version updates, but lots of features
to be added.

As soon as this is done, I will install a Wiki
site for Stackless and start to fill it with
documentation and examples.
Everybody else is invited to add her/his contribution
as well.

>   As an aside is there anyway to have timeouts on
> channels?

When 3.0 is stable, I will add several derived
channel classes, partially in Python, partially
written in C. Channels with timeouts are composite
objects which need to use a timer channel internally.
They will be later part of the timed CSP implementation
which I intend to write.

But I'd be very happy to receive prototype implementations.

cheers - chris

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