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Neil Harris neil at tonal.clara.co.uk
Fri Jan 24 20:17:47 CET 2003

>Christian Tismer <tismer at tismer.com> wrote:
>I guess it will be next week.
>I was slightly distracted, due to family affairs
>(my parents needed me for weeks), and there is
>also an exciting new project. I was guilty to
>raise it, partially, and I also cannot stand
>not to be working on it.
>This is Python In Python, see
>I believe that this will turn out ro be the
>Python implementation fo the future. But it
>might take a year or so until it is ready.
>It will anyway make over 50% of Stackless
>useless, since it will be purely built stackless
>from the beginning.
>But since this is way in the future, and my parents are
>better again, I'm now fully back at Stacjless development.
>Despite Feb. 17-23, there is a sprint in Hildesheim
>on MiniPy, which I will attend and partially conduct.
>ciao - chris
That's fantastic!  This is similar to the pioneering LISP-in-LISP native 
code compiler work which led to the first completely self-hosting LISP 

Good luck with this, and with the Stackless integration.


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