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Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Sat Jan 25 05:20:26 CET 2003

Eric Merritt wrote:
> See inline ->
> --- Christian Tismer <tismer at tismer.com> wrote:
>>I was slightly distracted, due to family affairs
>>(my parents needed me for weeks), 
>   Hey family comes first (as it always should).

Absolutely. My father is 90 now, and he cannot
take care of himself, alone. My mother was in
a hospital for some time, so I had to help.
Unfortunately, this doesn't allow for so much


> This looks cool and I love the fact that it will be
> stackless from the get go. Not that it matters in most
> projects, but any ideas on how reimplementing python
> in (mostly) python will affect overall performance?

Everybody is telling me that this is great by principle,
and performance doesn't count so much. You know that
I'm a performance geek, so I won't let things get
going without a fallback, if we really fail to get
We are trying to find a more abstract representation
of Python, that is both better maintainable than
lots o C code, and which is able to produce good
machine code. We *want* to do this using a new version
of Psyco. But even if this fails, we will have the
opportunity to create C source from the new implementation
automatically. Therefore, I'm not afraid that this
project will perform worse than CPython.

> Btw, Thanks so much for your work with stackless!

Thanks! I'm quite happy with Stackless. But I'd be more
happy to make it almost redundant with the new code base.
With it, it should be possible to create a Stackless Version
of Python, together with others.
The main objective of this projects is more flexibility,
more abstraction, covering the ideas which live inside of
the Python implementation, instead of rendering them
into a single C specialization, which is the current
In that sense, CPython is written in a kind of assembly,
which is called C. All abstractions and concepts are
there, in a sense, but they are not flexible, but welded
into static code.
That's about to change. And the power in the project is

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