[Stackless] A few questions

Arman Bostani arman at twinsun.com
Mon Jan 20 22:04:44 CET 2003

Christian Tismer wrote:
> Currently, I'm working on Stackless 3.0, which
> is much harder to implement, since it tries to
> merge the original idea of Stackless with 2.0 .
> There re quite some issue which aren't easy to solve.
> At the time Py 2.3 will be out of beta, I will
> provide a Stackless 2.0 for it with one day delay.
> But it can take much more time to enable Stackless
> 3.0, since this is much less orthogonal.

Hey Chris,

I know this sounds like someone asking a samaritan about when they'll finish 
their next good deed.  But, I was wondering if you have a rough idea when 
you're going to release the first version of Stackless 3.0.  We're awaiting it 
with bated breath.


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