[Stackless] A few questions

Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Fri Jan 24 03:58:34 CET 2003

Arman Bostani wrote:

> Hey Chris,
> I know this sounds like someone asking a samaritan about when they'll 
> finish their next good deed.  But, I was wondering if you have a rough 
> idea when you're going to release the first version of Stackless 3.0.  
> We're awaiting it with bated breath.

I guess it will be next week.

I was slightly distracted, due to family affairs
(my parents needed me for weeks), and there is
also an exciting new project. I was guilty to
raise it, partially, and I also cannot stand
not to be working on it.
This is Python In Python, see

I believe that this will turn out ro be the
Python implementation fo the future. But it
might take a year or so until it is ready.
It will anyway make over 50% of Stackless
useless, since it will be purely built stackless
from the beginning.

But since this is way in the future, and my parents are
better again, I'm now fully back at Stacjless development.
Despite Feb. 17-23, there is a sprint in Hildesheim
on MiniPy, which I will attend and partially conduct.

ciao - chris

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