[Stackless] Real Threading for multiprocessors

Breton M. Saunders breton.saunders at ntlworld.com
Tue Jun 10 00:48:28 CEST 2003


  I've been designing a large-scale server at work that could benefit
from running multiple threads in python simultaneously - aka real
threading, not the sequential-execution threading provided by the
standard python.  Currently I implement threading at the C-code level

  I have two questions:
    1) Does stackless provide a real threading model providing N
simultaneously executing threads on N processors?  (I suspect not AFAIK)
    2) How complex would it be to make the interpreter _really_ thread

  I've been looking at the stackless code; but have really only just

  Thanks in advance,


Breton M. Saunders <breton.saunders at ntlworld.com>
Brett Saunders Inc

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