[Stackless] infinite recursion

Chao, Heng Sun Hengsun.Chao at cognos.com
Wed Jun 11 16:31:52 CEST 2003

Hello All,

I'm new to stackless, but have finally figured out how to use stackless with
Python 2.2.

I was reading one of the posts on your boards, and you had suggested the
following code to enable stackless:

import sys

Using stackfull, the recursion limit was 988, or something close.  After
changing these settings, the recursion limit is now 4288.  :(

I have heard that stackless provides infinite recursion.  I was hoping for
recursion levels of 1000000+, not 4000.

Any suggestions?

Heng Sun Chao
Solutions Testing Group
Cognos Inc.
(613) 738-1338 x 5051
HengSun.Chao at cognos.com

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