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Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Mon Mar 10 12:22:17 CET 2003

Aaron Watters wrote:
>     Besides that, I'm going to go for a completely new
>     strategy, starting tomorrow. IronPort has made me
>     re-think things in a radical way, which solves everything.
>     Watch out! -- cheers - chris 
> This is exciting and a bit scary too.  Could we have a hint regarding 
> any non-upward-compatible
> API changes?  I, for one, am building stuff in my spare time and it's 
> getting to the point where
> changes in my underlying assumptions might be painful.  thx....
>   -- Aaron Watters
> (PS: I've been working with a copy I froze from last year which seems to 
> work
> great, at least the way I'm using it...)

Oh, sorry, no problem!
I'm not going to change the external API, and also
just slightly the internal.
What I'm changing radically is the way the engine
works inside. I will simplify things a lot,
and all internal API functions will get a new
variant which tries to do the switching without
C stack switching, but something similar to
continuation passing: It is frame pushing.
I learned that from IronPort, and suddenly I saw
how easily it can be used to express the whole
machinery using frame pushes.
This removes over 80 percent of all stack switches,
it makes it much easier to raise exceptions,
which can now be implanted into any tasklet,
and it makes the coexistance of generators
and tasklets much more natural.

It took me weeks and weaks to get at this point.
Now I am where I wanted to be all the time.
All problems are starting to collapse.
I'm writing my project plan.

cheers - chris

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