[Stackless] compile/test problems, solaris 2.8

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Fri Mar 14 03:45:43 CET 2003

I CVS'd stackless on Mar 13, 2003 and attempted to compile/install it
under Solaris 2.8 sun4u, and am having problems. Compile seems to go well,
but tests fail in nasty ways.

the first error is not fatal (should it have been?):

test test_atexit produced unexpected output:
*** lines 2-4 of expected output missing:
- handler2 (7,) {'kw': 'abc'}
- handler2 () {}
- handler1

the second error, however is fatal:

make: *** [test] Bus Error

If I remove the difflib test and re-run 'make test' a later test also
fails in a nasty way:

make: *** [test] Segmentation Fault

Any ideas?
Has Stackless been tested on Solaris 2.8?

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