[Stackless] Inquiry

Jenna Louis jzlouis at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 7 21:24:18 CET 2003

Let me first complement you on stackless. It is truly a valuable perspective on Python. I admire your determination and know how. My company is currently evaluating stackless as an option for a product we are working on. To know if its a good fit I need to determine a few things.
1. What is the current state of stackless development? Is the software currently being maintained and do you intend to make future improvements? (i.e 2.3 version, PyPy version, etc.)
2. What efforts are underway to provide bulletproof tasklet pickling. Our experience with tasklets has been very satisfactory. Unfortunately, pickling tasklets has fallen short of our expectations. The CStack pickling limitation is forcing us to make unacceptable changes in our code that make stackless less attractive. This feature is in our opinion the killer app for stackless.

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