[Stackless] Channel send from C

Harry Kalogirou harkal at gmx.net
Sat Nov 15 19:25:05 CET 2003

Στις 03/Νοέ/2003, ημέρα Δευτέρα και ώρα 21:23, ο/η Jeff Senn έγραψε:
> It might "seem" like it's working... hopefully you are not doing
> anything involving structures whose implementation is changed by 
> stackless...
> ...and definitely if you want to do anything involving the stackless 
> structures
> (e.g. channels) you will need to get the stackless includes correct.

That is obvious! That is why I'm trying to import it now ... but I'm
stuck :(

> There was a problem at some point in the configured install... possibly 
> just
> copying src/Stackless/*.h to your python install include directory will 
> help...

Unfortunatly that doesn't help :( 

Harry Kalogirou <harkal at gmx.net>

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