[Stackless] xsdb -- stackless based database engine pre-release

Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Tue Nov 25 22:03:20 CET 2003

Hi Aaron,

> I'm getting ready to release a database engine on source forge which
> uses stackless for it's server mode.

I'm really amazed!

Just started reading through all the files,
it isn't *that* simple, but crazy good stuff.

As I stumbled over it:

def oidHash(oid):
     "compute a string hash from an oid"
     #return oid # FOR DEBUG ONLY
     d = md5.new(str(oid)).digest()
     L = [ hex(ord(a))[2:] for a in d ]
     return string.join(L, "")

def oidHash(oid):
   return md5.new(str(oid)).hexdigest()

On pulver.py:
Why do you need your own key encryption scheme?
Nice to have, but as you know, cryptographic strength
is always a problem with private schemes.
probably you wanted to do it, just for fun?

On socketmonitor.py:
         current = stackless.getcurrent()
         mypriority = self.taskPriorities[current]

Fine, if you want a central dictionary.
But you also may use your derived tasklet type
with a priority property. (doesn't work for main,
at the moment, of course).
Well, I'm going to add priorities, soon, in
a QNX like style, most probably.

This is just what came up when reading.
I'm absolutely fascinated by what you created.

Thanks that it needs Stackless! :-)

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