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Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Mon Nov 10 20:32:52 CET 2003

Giovanni Bajo wrote:

> On Sunday, November 09, 2003 4:13 PM [GMT+1=CET],
> Christian Tismer <tismer at tismer.com> wrote:
>>One problem is to avoid as much C stack situations as
>>possible, since I see no healthy way to unpickle a C stack.
> In my experience, the biggest problem we found out with thread pickling is that
> we were unable to pickle threads due to "CFrame" objects. As Christian explained
> us, these are not C stacks (which we *never* create, and it's not even hard in
> our application), but a different kind of object, which is created in very
> common situations, like tasklet(self.method)(). It was way to common in our
> codebase.

The CFrame objects are just an omission at the moment.
They will be picklable as soon as I get at it.
(Actually after finishing the damned tasklet destruction :-)

> Another issue is that it _looked_ like a tasklet switching was happening in the
> middle of object unpickling (causing of course misbehaviour of the program). We
> were not sure it was actually our fault (like a stackless.schedule() during
> __setstate__ or something), but the issue ended up being too complex to debug.

I will add some thorough testing code for these issues.
Just a matter of time (and can be accelerated if I get a
small contract for this).

ciao - chris

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