[Stackless] Threads and stackless

Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Thu Nov 27 18:35:32 CET 2003

Harry Kalogirou wrote:

> Hi!
>  an other question from me! I try to move the whole stackless loop in a
> new native thread. By stackless loop I mean the while
> 1:stackless.schedule(). The problem is that after some time I get
> "SystemError: bad thread state in schedule". What does that say? What is
> the "bad" thread state?

This means that you are trying to jump between real
threads. tasklets can only run in the thread that
created them.
  Unless there is a very good reason, I would not recommend to
use real threads at all, and if you must, then let the
tasklets live in the main thread and have additional threads
for stuff that you need.

This is a completely untested area so far.

ciao - chris
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