[Stackless] Channel send from C

Jeff Senn senn at maya.com
Mon Nov 3 20:23:50 CET 2003

On Oct 31, 2003, at 9:34 AM, Harry Kalogirou wrote:

> Στις 31/Οκτ/2003, ημέρα Παρασκευή και ώρα 15:39, ο/η Christian Tismer
> έγραψε:
>> Ah! This is not possible. You need to use the stackless
>> files.
>> ciao - chris
> Possible or not... it is working! :).

It might "seem" like it's working... hopefully you are not doing
anything involving structures whose implementation is changed by 

...and definitely if you want to do anything involving the stackless 
(e.g. channels) you will need to get the stackless includes correct.

There was a problem at some point in the configured install... possibly 
copying src/Stackless/*.h to your python install include directory will 


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