No more free meals available! (was: [Stackless] SystemError: error return without exception set)

Christian Tismer tismer at
Tue Feb 24 18:55:19 CET 2004

Jeff Senn wrote:

> On Feb 24, 2004, at 9:45 AM, Christian Tismer wrote:
>> Autoscheduling is one topic on the upcoming Stackless
>> sprint, Mar 10-14.
> Cool. the meantime...(ok so, I'm impatient...)
> Can you confirm that this patch should at least make Richard's
> hack work "correctly" again? (Or are there places where a "preempt"
> will break something? I admit I haven't looked at all the places
> this 'tempval' thing is used...)

It looks like the main thing I changed, yes.
Meanwhile, I disabled the auto-scheduler switch.
I can't support it in the way it is, since it
generates tasklets which are not restorable.
We will redesign things and implement them in a
picklable way, in March.

> Hm... maybe there should there be a matching  DECREF after the 
> slp_schedule_task?

I can't tell without longer debugging.

Sorry, I'm completely out of time for Stackless.
I have put hundreds of hours into it during the
last 5 months and got almost no income.
Can't afford to spend any time right now but on
completing the small lst contract that I have to pay
my bills. It was never as hard as this month.

cheers - chris

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