[Stackless] how to check for C stack?

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Mon Feb 23 14:19:06 CET 2004

Giovanni Bajo wrote:

> Hello,
> before, there was a tasklet.frame.cstack. How do I check for it now? I'm trying
> to emit a sensible error message when pickling a tasklet which can't possibly
> be continued after unpickling.

The tasklet.frame.cstack object has vanished, resp. it was
moved into tasklet.cstate. But this doesn't help, since
all tasklets have a cstate now, which might be trivial
or not. This is handled internally.
The crucial criterion for being able to revive a pickled
tasklet is whether it has a zero nesting_level, which counts
the number of "interpreters" or other calls into C below the
top-level. The criterion is that nesting_level has to be zero.
Although the nesting level is stored inside the cstate
structure, it is available though the tasklet object.

So, testing for "t.nesting_level == 0" gives you a safe criterion
whether the unpickle will be runnable.

I agree this should better be available via an extra property.
If you can give me a reasonable name for that property, I'm
happy to add it.
Maybe "clonable"? Bad, since we can clone but not run. Hmm.
"runnable"? Bad.

thanks for input -- ciao - chris
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