[Stackless] Policy for taking patches from 2.4?

Giovanni Bajo giovannibajo at libero.it
Thu Feb 19 13:32:04 CET 2004

Christian Tismer wrote:

> It would be nice to have that anyway, since it
> would allow us to be ready with the Stackless
> port, right after 2.4 is final.
> On the other hand, I never figurd out how to
> keep stuff in sync, if Python is changed every
> day.
> I'd be very fond if we had a concept for that!

Well, you can merge every once in a while. The first step is to download the
new Python CVS sources and trying to merge Stackless into it (using diff/patch
of course). Then you fix the code as it has to be changed to meet new 2.4
concepts or whatever. When this is finished, you say that you have Stackless
2.4 as of Python 2.4 of day X (the day you got the CVS sources). Every N days,
you can ask Python CVS to generate for you the diffs of the changes in that
period (from day X to day X+N), and you apply them to Stackless 2.4. You run
the tests again to verify nothing is broken, and fix whatever necessary. Commit
the changes and this is Stackless 2.4 merged to Python 2.4 of day X+N. And so
on until Python 2.4 is released. Of course, the interval of merge can change
wildly, dependending on your free time and stuff. Doing it "often" makes things

Giovanni Bajo

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