[Stackless] Looking for information on meaning of "stackless"

David Smiley dsmiley at mac.com
Sat Feb 14 01:45:10 CET 2004

Hello all.

I'm a Java programmer but with an interest in programming language in 
general.  I was getting an overview of Python on the web when I 
stumbled upon a link to "Stackless Python".  The stackless.com website 
says it's a Python implementation that "does not use the C stack".  I 
don't know enough about the C language or operating system internals to 
understand what that means.  Can someone explain or, even better, point 
me to where I can educate myself about such things online?  Also... 
what benefits to a Python application will there be for running 
stackless?  Assuming Stackless Python becomes wildly successful, would 
there be any point in /not/ running stackless?  (i.e. are there 

Thanks in advance for pointers.

~ David Smiley
(please CC me since I don't subscribe to your list)

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