[Stackless] SystemError: error return without exception set

Isaac ishnigarrab at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 10 04:20:12 CET 2004

I haven't heard anyone talking about this, but I assume that someone has 
stumbled upon it... Regardless, I think it's worth posting about:

 >>> import stackless as st
 >>> st.enable_autoschedule(1)
 >>> def f(n):
...     while 1:
...        print n
 >>> ta1 = st.tasklet(f)(1)
 >>> ta2 = st.tasklet(f)(2)
 >>> st.run()
[... Repeated 10 more times ...]
[... Repeated 8 more times ...]
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?
  File "<stdin>", line 2, in f
SystemError: error return without exception set

Am I doing something wrong? am I supposed to return something, or is 
this an unresolved bug in stackless, or simply a problem with my 
compile/installation? I'm running on Debian Unstable(sid) with the 
stackless CVS (being as there isn't a linux version for the most recent 
release yet)

Also, a seperate question about autoscheduling: If tasklets are blocked 
on I/O (i.e. a readline from a pipe, or a select call) are they still 
swapped out, or is that too low level of an operation for stackless to 
mess with? This is one of the main reasons for me to want 
autoscheduling, or would that be the appropriate place for an OS thread, 
or maybe some non-blocking polling action?


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