[Stackless] Stackless API (Custom Scheduling)

Esteban U. Caamano Castro euccastro at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 30 13:39:20 CET 2004

> The thing with exception passing, that annoys me a
> bit, is that I am unable to send an exception
> object through a channel without automagically
> raising it on the receiver.
> That's terribly inconvenient, since it excludes
> exceptions from the possible objects to send
> through channels.

You can send it in a tuple:

ch.send((TypeError('Hi mom'),))

Anyway, I fully agree with your point. This, um,
exception in the semantics of ch.send() looks
especially pointless considering there is a separate
.send_exception() method to do the job. My naive guess
is that this is just historic baggage.

I too found exception raising through channels very
handy. I think it would be cleanest that send()
doesn't raise exceptions and keep .send_exception()
for that (I'd rename it raise_exception though).



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