[Stackless] Anonymous CVS access still broken?

Christopher Armstrong radix at twistedmatrix.com
Sat Jan 17 21:58:25 CET 2004

Christian Tismer wrote:

> CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous at stackless.com:/home/cvs
> export CVSROOT
> cvs co slpdev/src/2.2/src
> #or
> cvs co slpdev/src/2.3/src
> I just checked them both, they worked.

Hmm, not quite. After checking out most of the first one 
(slpdev/src/2.2/src) it fails on the 
slpdev/src/2.2/src/Stackless/embedemo (and doesn't continue past it). 
You probably just need to do a chmod g+w -R or something (or whatever it 
takes to make this directory consistent with the others).

"failed to create lock directory for 
`/home/cvs/slpdev/2.2/src/Stackless/embedemo'" , "permission denied".

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