[Stackless] Destruction issue solved (was: Compilation error)

Giovanni Bajo giovannibajo at libero.it
Thu Jan 8 17:13:16 CET 2004

Christian Tismer wrote:

>> This enhancement fix it for me too. Thanks. I have one issue with
>> this one, I am getting segmentation fault in the end (it runs my
>> program way it should be). I will try to narrow down where it is
>> coming from before sending you a small program which create this
>> error.
> Thanks!
> I figured out that this was a bug with tasklets blocking
> in a channel. They were not destructed correctly.
> Also I had to enhance tasklet_clear to forget its
> cstate's weak reference to the tasklet.
> Corrected, uploaded new binaries.

Does this fix my testcase as well? The one about tasklets holding objects with
destructors being terminated through an exception?

Giovanni Bajo

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