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> Hi again!

I am really glad to hear that you are working on implementing CSP on top of
Stackless! In my recent big mobile phone project(where HP and SK Telecom
participated), I used CSP and my coworkers fell in love with it.

I really want to participate in this project but it's sad that I am too busy.
I feel sorry.

> Then there's the way cool graceful termination algorithm. If you do any
> semi-serious csp programming, you'll quickly notice how hard it is to
> get the damn process network to terminate correctly. Thankfully it's all
> been solved, and I've got a nice plan for building it into the library.

I have talked with Peter on this graceful termination issue. I found poisonabe
channels concept better than poisonalbe processes concept, which was described
in his graceful termination paper.

> Then all we need is a csp oriented networking and gui library... :)


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