[Stackless] scheduler?

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Wed Jan 28 16:58:05 CET 2004

>From Christian Tismer <tismer at stackless.com> on 23 Jan 2004:

> Bob Ippolito wrote:
> > I see the scheduler doesn't have any methods, is it deprecated or 
> > unfinished?
> It is unfinished, and since I while I think to deprecate it.
> But it depends. The idea was to do a quite general
> definition of what a scheduler should do, and to implement
> them through it.
> The "normal" scheduling operatiosn would then be the default
> implementations found in the scheduler.
> Unfortunately, I didn't get enough input yet, neither to
> finish the scheduler, not to deprecate it.


Exactly what sort of input are you seeking?  Preferences for how to juggle tasklets of varying priorities?  Types of interfaces into the scheduler?  Built-in events that would cause a tasklet to be scheduled?

I'm sorry if this sounds like nonsense.  I'm really not terribly familiar with the issues involved and have only been lurking for a few months so far.


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