[Stackless] Stackless and Psyco

Shane Holloway (IEEE) shane.holloway at ieee.org
Mon Jul 19 17:46:04 CEST 2004


This is great news!  Stackless is becoming more and more a part of the 
way I think, and as such, wriggling itself into many of the applications 
I write.  Simply, Thank You.


Christian Tismer wrote:
> Just a note on an old subject:
> Mellon Gibson wrote:
>> I can't get psyco to work with stackless, which is pretty critical for 
>> my application, as it's a tad bit too slow right now (about to 11% 
>> speed improvement would suffice to serve all clients instead of buying 
>> new hardware).
> Regardless of your particular application,
> Stackless is going to support Psyco now!
> The latest version in the dev trunk has patches
> which make it Psyco compatible.
> But that's not all: I am going to enable generator
> support for Psyco, a feature that is not available
> without Stackless.
> Note: You can run Psyco with Stackless, but you need
> to re-compile.
> The next Stackless release will contain a Psyco with
> some extra specials for better collaboration with
> Stackless.
> cheers - chris

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