[Stackless] Replacing regular Python

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Tue Mar 16 15:29:39 CET 2004

Ronald Oussoren wrote:

> On 15-mrt-04, at 20:42, Dinu Gherman wrote:
>> Christian Tismer:
>>> Guyren G Howe wrote:
>>>> Forgive me: I'm still learning my way around Unix.
>>>> OS X: I've done make install. How do I now persuade my Mac that the 
>>>> command python should execute Stackless?
>>> Sorry, no idea. In a while, Bob will probably make his
>>> own distribution with an installer. The same will happen
>>> for Windows.
>>> Passing this on to the Mackies in the developer group:
>>> Bob, Dinu?
>> I think Bob is enjoying the nightlife of A'dam, something he might
>> have missed in Berlin... ;-)
> He's definitely without a permanent internet connection at the moment :-)
>> Well, if you want to completely replace Apple's Python in /usr/bin
>> you can configure a Stackless built using ./configure --prefix=/usr
>> before compiling it with make install.
> Sorry about the shouting, but you really, really should not replace the 
> default python interpreter. Any upgrade of OSX could silently undo you 
> changes, and replacing /usr/bin/python by a stackless interpreter might 
> introduce problems into existing scripts.

Any new software might introduce problems, and Stackless does some
changes to some type names, which have been a showstopper in
some badly written tests and some bad type checks with "is"
in Plone.
We are going to remove these changes and do pickling with an extension
modules, so that these incompatibilities will vanish, soon.

> IMHO'd be better of installing stackless in some other directory and 
> place that directory early in you PATH (either in ~/.profile or in 
> ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist, the latter has the advantage that GUI 
> programs see the changes as well).

I think that's up to everybody's taste. Stackless runs stable
enough to be able to replace the standard Python interpreter.
I use it as a full replacement on all machines I have, also
on my Linux server which runs Zope and much other stuff.

I can't see the high risk that you fear. if something breaks,
well, move the old dll back into the place. Where is the
problem? There will soon be an installer, and of course it
will replace the standard interpreter.

ciao - chris

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