[Stackless] tasklets / greenlets vs. threads / microthreads

Andy Sy andy at nospam.com
Wed Mar 17 02:47:30 CET 2004

Christian Tismer wrote:

> In Stackless 2.0, tasklets could not do pre-emptive scheduling,
> because I had no good criterion when to wllow and forbid it.
> In Stackless 3.0 it is possible again, since the non-recursive
> interpreter calls give me some measure of an "innocent" state.
> Richard Emslie implemented pre-emptive scheduling in the
> sprint, and it is of course possible (and a planned task)
> to implement microthreads on top of that.
 > Tasklets are meant in a way like a simplified subset of
 > threads, and by design they are chained together into
 > a circular list for round-robin scheduling.

Since you're saying one might want to build microthreads on top
of tasklets, that would imply that tasklets are more primitive.
What don't tasklets do that microthreads can?

> Yes, greenlets will be the building block for tasklets
> and microthreads.

So greenlets will end up becoming the fundamental (atomic, if
you will) flow control construct provided by Stackless (like
continuations used to be)?  Are greenlets as general as

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