[Stackless] Stackless and Psyco

Mellon Gibson bsdbeast at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 1 21:08:05 CET 2004

I guess, on the other hand, it would be great if the
two projects where merged into one. I think that the
Python programmers would benefit greatly if they
where, and maybe one day it would become the pgcc of
Python, that is, replace the main tree :)


Bob Ippolito <bob at redivi.com> wrote:On Mar 1, 2004, at
3:09 AM, Mellon Gibson wrote:

>> I can't get psyco to work with stackless, which is
pretty critical for 
>> my application, as it's a tad bit too slow right
now (about to 11% 
>> speed improvement would suffice to serve all
clients instead of buying 
>> new hardware). Both the client and server classes
are designed around 
>> GadflyB5, which needs some of the 30% speed
improvements I had with 
>> just vanilla python and psyco, but then the server
tasks become too 
>> slow because of the C stack fumbling that vanilla
python does. Are 
>> there any plans to support psyco, is it too much
work? I'm not very 
>> fond of the idea to buy brand new SMP hardware to
support just 300 
>> more clients. /beast
> I think it would have to be the other way around..
psyco would have to 
> be modified to support stackless. You might want to
ask Armin if he is 
> interested, I don't know if anyone else is qualified
to hack on it in 
> their spare time :) Surely this is something that
should happen 
> eventually, but I don't know if anyone else really
needs this enough 
> right now to hack on it. Of course, if you're
willing to sponsor this 
> sort of work, then that would probably be enough of
a motivator for 
> someone.
> -bob

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