[Stackless] Stackless and Psyco

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Mon Mar 1 12:58:01 CET 2004

On Mar 1, 2004, at 3:09 AM, Mellon Gibson wrote:

> I can't get psyco to work with stackless, which is pretty critical for 
> my application, as it's a tad bit too slow right now (about to 11% 
> speed improvement would suffice to serve all clients instead of buying 
> new hardware). Both the client and server classes are designed around 
> GadflyB5, which needs some of the 30% speed improvements I had with 
> just vanilla python and psyco, but then the server tasks become too 
> slow because of the C stack fumbling that vanilla python does. Are 
> there any plans to support psyco, is it too much work? I'm not very 
> fond of the idea to buy brand new SMP hardware to support just 300 
> more clients. /beast

I think it would have to be the other way around.. psyco would have to 
be modified to support stackless.  You might want to ask Armin if he is 
interested, I don't know if anyone else is qualified to hack on it in 
their spare time :)  Surely this is something that should happen 
eventually, but I don't know if anyone else really needs this enough 
right now to hack on it.  Of course, if you're willing to sponsor this 
sort of work, then that would probably be enough of a motivator for 


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