[Stackless] tasklets / greenlets vs. threads / microthreads

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Wed Mar 17 03:03:47 CET 2004

Andy Sy wrote:


> Since you're saying one might want to build microthreads on top
> of tasklets, that would imply that tasklets are more primitive.

A very wrong conclusion.
It just means that tasklets are able to emulate microthreads.

In what sense do you think microthreads are more developed?
Since they are able to simulate a totally idiotic interface
like what threads have?

There is no diference but in the interface.

> What don't tasklets do that microthreads can?

They don't try to be like threads in the first place, and they
are way more efficient by nature.

>> Yes, greenlets will be the building block for tasklets
>> and microthreads.
> So greenlets will end up becoming the fundamental (atomic, if
> you will) flow control construct provided by Stackless (like
> continuations used to be)?

No, they are not atomic in the sense of tasklet's atomic.
They will probably become the fundamental building block.
But if not, tasklets are considered to be too complicated.
There will be a better and simpler base class in any way,
whether greenlets survive or not.

> Are greenlets as general as continuations?

What does this question mean, please?
If you knew what a continuation is, you would
not ask, or you are a reporter.
And after your previous postings, I really doubt that
you don't know what you are talking about.

> P.S. no need to CC to my private email...

No need to post to my list if that's your problem.

thanks for your time -- chris

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