[Stackless] Stackless and Psyco

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Mon Mar 1 20:21:03 CET 2004

On Mar 1, 2004, at 10:09 AM, Christian Tismer wrote:

> Aaron Watters wrote:
>> */Mellon Gibson <bsdbeast at yahoo.com>/* wrote:
>>     I can't get psyco to work with stackless, which is pretty critical
>>     for my application, as it's a tad bit too slow right now (about to
>>     11% speed improvement would suffice to serve all clients instead 
>> of
>>     buying new hardware). Both the client and server classes are
>>     designed around GadflyB5, which needs some of the 30% speed
>>     improvements I had with just vanilla python and psyco, but then 
>> the
>>     server tasks become too slow because of the C stack fumbling that
>>     vanilla python does. Are there any plans to support psyco, is it 
>> too
>>     much work? I'm not very fond of the idea to buy brand new SMP
>>     hardware to support just 300 more clients. /beast
> Hmm, I appreciate that you want to use Stackless, but
> I don't see how this could make your program faster.
> The overall C stack fumbling is almost the same as in
> regular Python, just that I do less recursions.

Well, if you compare I/O bound code written in a blocking style using 
Python threads, vs. I/O bound code written in a blocking style (with an 
underlying asynchronous implementation) using Stackless there is 
probably a GIGANTIC difference in performance and sanity.  The third 
option is Just To Use Twisted, which can have 
effects.addCallback(lambda: on.addCallback(lambda: 
your.addCallback(lambda: sanity.addCallback(lambda: 
as.addCallback(well))))).  A fourth option, I suppose, would be to use
yield Yet
yield Another
yield Style
yield of
yield explicitly
yield asynchronous
yield socket
yield code
but I don't there there is a good framework that supports this quite 
yet (I've personally integrated such a beast with Twisted, and PEAK 
events is similar, so I know this approach does work and is a bit more 
sane than "raw" Twisted).

> And if you application needs 30% speedup from Psyco,
> you are still about to loose with just a bit more clients.

This is the truth :)

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