[Stackless] Documentation

Matthew Leslie mleslie at fnal.gov
Thu May 20 19:13:10 CEST 2004

My simulation project's need for mangling control flow over lots of 
threads has lead me to Stackless Python, for it's metaclasses and 
Stackless' microthreads. Unfortunately I came to stackless by way of 
some out of date web pages, and I've spent a week learning about 
continuations, and then confusedly wondering why continuation based 
microthread libraries no longer worked...

Anyway, I'm now a bit more uptodate, after checking out the stackless 
source and poking around a bit. But I can't find any really decent 
documentation - there are some examples, but no API docs... Surely there 
is something out there? Can someone point me to something?

If not, I still want to use them, and I would be happy to write some 
kind of Docs/Tutorial if I could have a helping hand from someone who 
can give me definitive info.


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