W.: W.: Re: [Stackless] problem with Plone (in Zope) and stackless python

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Wed Oct 27 11:23:28 CEST 2004

Hello Serge,

I am afraid you are on the wrong track trying to fix a ZOPE threading 
problem by running it on Stackless.
The benefit of the extra parallelism provided by Stackless is available 
only to aplications written for Stackless, i.e. using stackless.tasklet 
and stackless.channel objects. Zope, although theoretically could run on 
Stackless Python, to my knowledge, was not written to use tasklets and 
channels. As such, it would not benefit from Stackless at all. (Unless you 
plan to write some Zope products which do use tasklests, but even then 
the benefits are limited to the code you write, which probably runs for a 
fraction of the time only, so it probably is not worth doing that.)

Instead, I recommend to read (if you have not read yet) the article 


and to try to compile Zope/Python with the so called "bound 


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