[Stackless] how can i build stackless python with vc 6.0+sp6 or vs.net 2003?

Giovanni Bajo giovannibajo at libero.it
Fri Oct 1 05:10:34 CEST 2004

zouguangxian wrote:

>> hi all,
>>    i want to build stackless python from cvs souce code .i have
>>    tried to use vc 6.0 +sp6 to open pcbuild.dsw in PCbuild, but when
>> i do that ,there is no project . so i open any project (*.dsp) in
>> that directory, the vc tell me "this makefile was not generated by
>> Developer Studio." .so what should i do ? thanks -weck

This is usually a problem with line endings. Convert the dsp file to use \r\n
endings instead of \n only and it should open fine.

Giovanni Bajo

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