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I have questions regarding stackless python, and I guess this mailing
list is probably right place to ask. :)

All of my question is related to
http://www.stackless.com/spcpaper.htm#_Toc470444074  <- this paper.
(I understand that stackless has been changed alot since that paper,
but I need to understand that paper, since I am supposed to give
presentation about that - continuation, microthread, etc.)

questions are

1. From that paper, "Figure 1: Multiple Return"case is solved by
"Figure 2: Frame Mutation". But does it solve following case?

def foo():
   a = 10
   make_and_run_continuation(bar) # --- a)
   a = 11
   make_and_run_continuation(zoo) # --- b)
   a = 12

In this case, a) and b) return to the same frame, but the state of the
frame is different. So, I think there should be two original frame,
not one like Figure 1 says. Am I right?

2. Figure 3: Nodes Collect References <-- I don't really understand
what this diagram says. Could someone please explain this to me? (What
does this diagram solve, and how, etc) :)



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