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Francis Meyvis francis.meyvis at sonycom.com
Thu Oct 28 12:58:37 CEST 2004


There was once pippy: a modified python that ran on the palm by limiting 
its usage of the stack. If I understood it correctly, stackless python 
uses a new concept to achieve stackless operation but it only runs on 
win32? I follow stackless python's mailing list for a while hoping to 
see some day a report from someone succeeded converting python 2.3.4 for 
the palm (ARM based on). Will this ever be the case? Is it because 
stackless's core depends a lot on 1) assembler files for pentium and 2) 
the win32 OS? Exactly what are the benefits from having it run on win32? 
I guess it is not just speed or stack usage because PC getting faster 
and have more ram than most users can consume. Is is rather a study 
concept? If it only runs on win32 (though, even faster, leaner), I guess 
it will not replace the multi-platform cPython?

Thanks for you insight,

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