MacOS X, QNX (Re: [Stackless] Other platforms) (was: [Stackless] Other platforms)

Wolfgang Keller wolfgang.keller.nospam at
Thu Oct 28 18:06:16 CEST 2004

> It will run on every platform, Christian had 
> some access to. It will run at least on win32, linux x386, MacOSX (probably 
> sparc as well, not sure).

MacOS X? Where's the binary installer? :-)

BTW, when I read through the Wiki, the concept of having lots of Tasklets,
communicating via Channels with _fast_ switching between them looks a lot
like what QNX does. There's a port of Python to QNX for the x86 platform
available from Steinhoff, did you ever consider to port Stackless to QNX
(or to make the existing port Stackless)?

Best Regards

Wolfgang Keller

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