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Wolfgang Lipp paragate at gmx.net
Mon Apr 4 14:07:34 CEST 2005


i've just started playing around with stackless again, after a break of a
few years, and it looks appealing to me now as it did back then. however,
i must tell you that probably the biggest single problem with stackless is
its near 100% lack of documentation.

yes, i do know the bits on the wiki, and i've done help(stackless), but
i've also been working with so many python modules big and small that i
can say this with confidence: if stackless does not manage to get the bare
bones of documentation together, it'll never take to the skies. how much
brainshare is turned away by the simple fact that the download
python23.dll.zip does not even contain a readme!? i had to download
several mbs of mailing list threads to reassure me that python23.dll and
python23.lib are replacements for the existings modules in the standard
distribution and that python23.exp 'is just a table of exported names
which might help with debugging' that i may safely ignore. (can somebody
pls copy these bits from this mail and drop them somewhere close to the

i've noted i am not the first one complaining about missing documentation.
we probably all suffer from lack of time, right? ok, i'll make an offer
stackless aficionados will find hard to say no to: instead of me wasting
many hours trying to find out relatively trivial things, i ask everyone
with stackless snippets and related materials to send them to this list;
in recompense, i will try to distill basic how-to tutorials from the
mailings. i think we will all profit from this. even if the material
should be too scarce to make much out of it, it will at least be visible
on the mailing list. whatever i find of interest to a hopefully
ever-growing stackless community, i will publish e.g. on the wiki or any
other appropriate place.

if anyone has serious doubts about this proposal, please don't hold back
your breath. all others, send in those lines of code, your papers and
pointers, whatever. especially for all mailings using attachments or
formatting, please don't forget to send them *both* to the list *and* to
me -- paragate at gmx.net -- to ensure that no materials get scrubbed and

paragate at gmx.net

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