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Lutz Paelike lutz_p at gmx.net
Mon Apr 4 17:53:45 CEST 2005

Hello Wolfgang,

i work together with Christian at the moment and we do a major project
together using stackless python. The project is running for over 6 month and i
can say i feel confident enough now with stackless to do some documentation work.
I felt the same confusion when i first ran into stackless but now Christian explained me a lot.

I am afraid Christian is very busy because we have to finish the project we work on and additionaly
Christian is focussing on PyPy development to integrate the stackless concepts into PyPy.
I am really busy too but maybe i can support your noble offer enough to create some good dosumentation.

I can throw in some knowledge on graphics creation to make some illustrations, graphs etc...
In fact i also filmed a presentation of Christian explaining stackless at the last stackless sprint (1 year ago, gosh 
that's way too much time )
but i never put it on the net as i intended since the quality is too poor when chosing high compression settings
of the video codec. If i allow big video files quality is acceptable but distribution on the net becomes not
possible any more.

I was thinking of making a Macromedia Flash based presentation or an optimized video presentation of Stackless where 
Christian explains all the important details. I ask him tomorrow..

Anyway normal textual information should be the starting point as you suggested.
Maybe i can help you either by answering questions myself if i can or just by poking Christian long enough until he 
gives more information ;)

I cann assure you your effort is greatly appreciated and better documentation is really overdue.



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Wolfgang Lipp wrote:

 > folks,
 > i've just started playing around with stackless again, after a break of a
 > few years, and it looks appealing to me now as it did back then. however,
 > i must tell you that probably the biggest single problem with stackless is
 > its near 100% lack of documentation.
 > yes, i do know the bits on the wiki, and i've done help(stackless), but
 > i've also been working with so many python modules big and small that i
 > can say this with confidence: if stackless does not manage to get the bare
 > bones of documentation together, it'll never take to the skies. how much
 > brainshare is turned away by the simple fact that the download
 > python23.dll.zip does not even contain a readme!? i had to download
 > several mbs of mailing list threads to reassure me that python23.dll and
 > python23.lib are replacements for the existings modules in the standard
 > distribution and that python23.exp 'is just a table of exported names
 > which might help with debugging' that i may safely ignore. (can somebody
 > pls copy these bits from this mail and drop them somewhere close to the
 > downloads?)
 > i've noted i am not the first one complaining about missing documentation.
 > we probably all suffer from lack of time, right? ok, i'll make an offer
 > stackless aficionados will find hard to say no to: instead of me wasting
 > many hours trying to find out relatively trivial things, i ask everyone
 > with stackless snippets and related materials to send them to this list;
 > in recompense, i will try to distill basic how-to tutorials from the
 > mailings. i think we will all profit from this. even if the material
 > should be too scarce to make much out of it, it will at least be visible
 > on the mailing list. whatever i find of interest to a hopefully
 > ever-growing stackless community, i will publish e.g. on the wiki or any
 > other appropriate place.
 > if anyone has serious doubts about this proposal, please don't hold back
 > your breath. all others, send in those lines of code, your papers and
 > pointers, whatever. especially for all mailings using attachments or
 > formatting, please don't forget to send them *both* to the list *and* to
 > me -- paragate at gmx.net -- to ensure that no materials get scrubbed and
 > lost.
 > _wolfgang
 > paragate at gmx.net

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