[Stackless] uthread.py

Ásgeir Bjarni Ingvarsson istari at hlekkir.com
Wed Dec 14 02:06:30 CET 2005

The microthread library that I adapted from original code that
came with an earlier version of Stackless may be downloaded here:

I haven't released it publicly before because it is mostly untested.
I'm releasing it now under a BSD license, but I hope that modifications
and bugfixes will make their way back to me anyway. :)

It supports named tasklets that may be paused, stopped, resumed,
pickled and unpickled through a relatively simple interface.
There is both a preemptive scheduler and a round-robin scheduler,
although I only use the second one.
There is a rather handy sleep function which seems to be able to
support delays as low as one millisecond (maybe less).
Also a semaphore, a queue and a synchronizer

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