[Stackless] What is stackless now?

stackless at kaishaku.org stackless at kaishaku.org
Wed Jul 13 01:37:59 CEST 2005

> > Is stackless currently a CPython module or CPython patch?
> >
> > And, where do I get it? I see much conflicting information.
> Neither, it's a fork (though technically you could make a big patch  
> out of it).  You get it from stackless.com.

That's what I always thought. There seems to be a growing number
of people who believe it is a module, and a growing number of
people who believe those simply because they are who they are.

Any idea what they might be thinking? I've heard stackless was
once a fork/patch supporting continuations and is now a module
supporting CSP (not CPS). I only know it as a fork/patch.

Some even mention the Eve Online developer(s) eagerly 'switched' from
some old fork/patch 'stackless' to some new non-fork/patch 'stackless'.

As for getting it from stackless.com, are you sure this is the
latest and greatest available? What is the 'slpdev' cvs checkout?
Is it the same as 'stackless'?


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