[Stackless] Speed comparision between stacklessandotherintepreted languages

Hilmar V. Pétursson hilmar at ccpgames.com
Tue Jun 14 01:38:24 CEST 2005

> Indeed. I like Phython sintax more than LUA'. However I am more familiar 
> with LUA than Phython and stakcless especially, which I downloaded for the 
> first time today, and know that LUA was activly used in a large number of
> games. About Phython, I only 
> knew about Vampire the masquarade: Bloodlines and now Eve Online. But this > convinved me to take a deeper look at it.

Python has been used in a lot of games. I unfortunately don't have a list available but of the top of my head I remember Battlefield 2 and Dark&Light there are a lot more and I am constantly hearing about more. Python lends well to game developers as it's easy to move code back and forth between C and Python. There really should be a list somewhere, would sell Python even more (as there are a lot of games).

> Since you already using Stackless, please allow me another question. 
> Did you encountered dificulties at integration (nor that I would expect 
> those .. )? And especially, did you encontered diffculties with script
> thread state serialization ? You made your own, or you used built-in 
> mechanims ?

Well we were probably the first users of Stackless Python so we have lived and grown with it, so it's hard to estimate. We have probably rewritten your EVE<->Stackless stuff 3 times. Once in a massive sprint with Tismer in-house where I think he changed a lot of Stackless after seeing what we were doing with it.

I remember that it probably took us about 3 days to get stackless into our system in the beginning (back in summer 2000) but that was after some weeks of wresting with JavaScript and NT fibers to achive the same thing, so we were quite on topic when we began. We have never thought of turning back, Stackless Python for MMOGs is a "dream in a can" (like we say in Icelandic).

I really couldn't say about script thread state serialization our system doesn't do any thread migration between processes or system threads, nor do we save threads between executions. I know that Tismer has been working on that area and from my experience with his work it must be good.

Hope this helps,


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