[Stackless] Changes to the Stackless Python website

Richard lickspittle at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 19:01:54 CET 2005


Having spoken to a few people over time who have been curious
newcomers to Stackless, the impression I have received is that there
are a few small things that could be done it's web site to make it
more approachable

Christian has kindly given the access needed so that I can do these
and perhaps more as further ideas arise.

If you have any comment or ideas on any of these things, please reply
to the list with them.

The first change I have made is to add some detail to the Download
page, which goes into more detail about how to install it.  One
comment I had received was that people didn't even know what to do
with it after downloading it.  If anyone has the time to read that
over and suggest improvements or further additions, please do.

The next change I plan to make is to give stackless.com a new home
page.  This page should serve as a hopefully direct, clear and
comprehensible introduction to Stackless Python.  Do I know the best
things to go into this page?  Not a clue.  But I thought it might be a
good idea to find a site out there which already does this well, and
rob it for ideas.  Anyone have any ideas to share or sites they can

The current home page is the news page, and while I don't think it
serves as the best introduction, I think it is something that should
still be prominent.  Which is why I would like to get the headlines
from it in the currently empty right hand side of the pages.  However,
getting Plone or Zope to do so, is currently something I need to work
out -- Zope is like the most complicated thing I have ever seen in my
life.  Pointers on how to go about this would be appreciated :)


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