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Andrew Francis andrewfr_ice at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 12 18:25:17 CET 2005

Hello Richard:

--- stackless-request at stackless.com wrote:

> If you have any comment or ideas on any of these
> things, please reply to the list with them.

I would be happy to provide some suggestions. 
Perhaps the Stackless home page should begin
with what Stackless is and why it is terrific.
I feel "What is New" is more important to someone
familar with Stackless.


Yes I am one of the guys that were not quite sure
what to do. A step-by-step guide would be useful.

Developing a Stackless Programme:

This would be useful. What sort of environment does
one use. Myself, I use Komodo and I develop in
C-Python and use dummy modules. Once I am ready, I
swap in Stackless module. I am trying to figure out
why Stackless crashes in Komodo.

Programming Examples and Idioms:

I think this is the most important thing. Not
enough examples. Also it would be helpful if there
was more information on how to debug a Stackless
programme. For example, I still have problems figuring
out what will deadlock a Stackless programme (and I
have experience writing concurrent programmes). Once I
master usin Stackless, I would be happy to contribute
some write-ups.

Programming Projects/Uses:

I believe Stackless Python has great potential
in the development of "long running transactions."
Software Agents (mobile or not) are examples of LRTs.
I know companies like CCP Games and Iron Port use
Stackless. It would be interesting to see who else
uses it.


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