[Stackless] Stackless at PyCon2006

Richard richard at ccpgames.com
Tue Nov 15 13:15:57 CET 2005

There are two currently confirmed Stackless related events planned for
PyCon 2006.

A sprint

Since Christian is a busy man and has not had a chance as yet, to post
about this, I would like to let you know that there will be Stackless
sprint at PyCon 2006.

The goal of the sprint is to port Stackless to Python 2.4.2.

As Christian will also be attending the PyPy sprint, which is to be held
in the same alloted sprint time (after the conference) his role will
generally be to guide those that are there to help out in doing the
required work.


A presentation

Kristján Jónsson from CCPGames will be doing a Stackless related talk.
Here is the initial proposal he submitted (which he just let me know has
been accepted):

-- >8 ---------------------------------------------------- >8 --
Requested timeslot: 30 minutes

Suggested title:  Stackless Python in EVE Online

Summary of proposed presentation:

	The massively multiplayer online role-playing game Eve Online, developed by CCP games
	in Reykjavík, Iceland, makes heavy use of Stackless Python to implement game features.
	This presentation shows how Stackless Python has been used throughout the code to
	create a seamless environment of cooperative multitasking in the game engine and how
	Python code and C code interacts in a complex real-world environment.	

Presentation Outline
	- Introduction
	- Eve Online
		- Overview
		- History
		- Game architecture
	- Stackless Python
		- Tasklets, channels
		- What does "stackless" mean?
		- The current Stackless model.
	- Stackless in Eve
		- The main loop
		- Example python code:
		- Extending into C
		- Examples: How Stackless, Python and C interact:
	- Conclusion
Intended Audience:  Advanced Users, CPython developers

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